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Transcript Request

While a matriculated student, Yale-NUS’ Registry Office maintains students’ academic record, prepares transcript letters, and can file status letters on College letterheads at the request of students.

Upon graduation, graduate’s degree scroll and one complimentary official transcript are printed and issued by the NUS Central Registrar. Students may receive the scroll and transcript, in person, if they attend the NUS Commencement Ceremony. If the student is not attending the NUS Commencement Ceremony, they may collect your degree scroll and complimentary transcript from the Registrar’s Office or arrange for it to be mailed.

Any request for additional copies of an official transcript, graduates must apply directly with the NUS Registrar.

If you have any questions please contact

Campus Facilities

Alumni who are interested in using campus facilities for an alumni-related event are encouraged to contact for any inquiries.

Library Resources

We encourage alumni to browse the Yale-NUS and NUS library collections, to consult our librarians and to work in the library’s public spaces (this does not include use of the group study rooms or the computer lab). Through an external membership scheme provided through NUS, alumni can be accorded borrowing privileges at Yale-NUS and NUS libraries, at a cost of $139.10 per year. Due to strict licensing agreements, library privileges will not include access to paid electronic resources. Access to a selection of paid electronic resources is available through the National Library.

Association of Yale Alumni – Online Services

As International Affiliates of the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA), Yale-NUS graduates will have access to a variety of online services and programs to connect with the Yale community. Yale University online services include:

Online Directory

The directory is a great resource for networking with Yale alumni and finding Yale clubs across the world.

Yale Career Network

The Yale Career Network is a valuable tool that allows you to connect with Yale alumni to discuss career objectives and explore career interests.


JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources.

NUS Office of Alumni Relations – Community Services

As an NUS alumni, you have access to the privileges and resources accorded by the NUS OAR. Community services include:

AlumNUS Card

The AlumNUS card extends benefits and discounts at various merchants in Singapore. It also enables alumni access to NUS libraries upon graduation.

Yale-NUS Lifelong Email

Alumni will be able to keep their student email address and enjoy 50GB of mailbox space.

Venues Booking

AlumNUS Cardholders are entitled to discounted rates on venue rental prices for NUS facilities.

Alumni Service Centre (ASC)

The Alumni Service Centre is located at the first floor of the Shaw Foundation Alumni House and provides alumni access to a lounge, computer lab, and meeting rooms.

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