Meet the Yale-NUS Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is an elected, voluntary group of representatives of the Yale-NUS alumni community. The Council spearheads alumni engagement and supports the College’s mission of a lifelong community of learning.

Annette Wu

Class of 2017, Saga College

Annette is an Anthropology major from the Class of 2017, and is a member of both the Alumni and Staff community at Yale-NUS College. On weekdays, you can find Annette at her cubicle at the Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE), advising younger Kingfishers or developing Week 7 projects and Learning Across Boundaries initiatives (LABs). She loves the opportunity to hold space for reflection and purposeful conversation with students, as much as she loves goofier moments with her former CIPE advisors (now colleagues). Annette is very excited to join the Alumni Council and take part in the wonderful work of expanding spaces of connection, respect, and care.

Anshuman Mohan

Class of 2017, Elm College

Anshuman likes adventures that have at least a tangential involvement with food. He was well on his way to graduating without holding any official positions at Yale-NUS until a friend roped him into two committees in Senior Year. He joins the Council with a focus on improving ties between an increasingly dispersed alumni diaspora. He majored in Mathematical, Statistical, and Computational Sciences (MCS), works as a research assistant, and hopes to go into academia.

Cheryl Cosslett

Class of 2018, Elm College

Based in her hometown of Jakarta, Cheryl works as a Senior Analyst on Indonesian government relations and politics at the regional consultancy firm Vriens & Partners. At Yale-NUS, she majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) with a focus on identity politics and electoral studies and major interests in global history. She was active in the debating society and worked on campus as a Residential College Advisor, writing tutor, and librarian. She enjoys big cities, yoga, and culinary shows on TV.

Feroz Khan

Class of 2018, Saga College

Feroz works as a researcher in the Disaster Analytics for Society Lab (DASL) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). In this role he works primarily on post-earthquake recovery and humanitarian aid allocation in Nepal. While at Yale-NUS, he majored in Environmental Studies and was active in athletics and student campaigns around climate change, student government and political engagement. On the Alumni Council, Feroz wants to explore how alumni can support student and staff efforts to build a stronger and more inclusive Yale-NUS community.

Cora Ceipek

Class of 2019, Saga College

At Yale-NUS, Cora majored in Arts and Humanities and joined as many theatre productions, acapella groups and singing performances as possible while working in marketing and business internships to further her career. After college, she moved to San Francisco, where she works at Visa as an Associate Product Manager and performs in a Musical Improv group in her free time. On the Alumni Council, Cora hopes to connect with current students and alumni transitioning into new environments and careers, and to help grow the bonds within the alumni community.

Melody Tay

Class of 2019, Saga College

Melody found unquenchable hope, life-long friends and merged her twin joys of Environmental Studies and the Arts while at Yale-NUS College. Whether in or out of her “main thing” (that which occupies 70% of her time) she dedicates her time to writing, theatre, dancing, singing and all kinds of arts. She is also in love with forest walks, sitting by large bodies of water, and soaking in the light of dawn. Currently, she is working a dual role as a digital/content marketing strategist (AKA writing and editing a lot) and a Sustainability Leadership Programme designer at the Human Capital Leadership Institute. As part of the Alumni Council, she hopes to help the alumni community grow into a compassionate and supportive one that supports its members in their individual journeys out of Yale-NUS!

Narayani Tulsian

Class of 2019, Elm College

Narayani majored in Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences (MCS) and minored in Economics at Yale-NUS. She now works at Prep Zone Academy on the weekends (and some weekdays). On her off-days, she can be found watching movies, working on a math research project or exploring cafes around Singapore. Through the Alumni Council, she wishes to give back to Yale-NUS and its community a semblance of the joy it’s given her.

Rebecca Yuqi Huang

Class of 2019, Saga College

Rebecca works as an account strategist at Google Shanghai Office (come find me! I don’t bite). While at Yale-NUS, she majored in Urban Studies and spent a lot of time painting on her tablet. Rebecca joined Alumni Council with the aim of providing alumni with a better connected professional network and career opportunities. In her free time, she likes karaoke, visiting museums, makan makan, and is currently, and constantly, trying to figure out the alternatives to capitalism.

Celeste Beh Huey Shin

Class of 2020, Elm College

Celeste is a History major who has a keen interest in Pacific Islander history and Hawaiian culture. She also enjoys food and her favorite memory of any country is always related to an unforgettable meal. One of the mottos Celeste lives by is to leave a place better than you found it, and she hopes that her work in the Alumni Council can contribute positively to the Yale-NUS community.

Khwa Zhong Xuan

Class of 2020, Elm College

Zhong Xuan is a Mathematical, Computational, and Statistical Sciences (MCS) major. He will be working as a research assistant at Yale-NUS College for a year before pursuing a postgraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence. As a student, Zhong Xuan had always felt supported by the members of the alumni. Now, as a member of the Alumni Council, he wishes to pay it forward by enabling more opportunities for support and guidance, both for current students and within the alumni network.

Rachel Juay

Class of 2020, Saga College

Rachel is a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) major. She is pursuing a concurrent degree in Public Policy with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. She is from Singapore but grew up in Shanghai. She hopes that she will be able to give back to the College in her capacity as an alumna, and continue building channels that further connect alumni to the College community. In her spare time, you’ll find her trying new laksa and feeding her friends.

Scott Lee Chua

Class of 2020, Elm College

Scott is a Chinese-Filipino who majored in Economics. He also writes comics and designs puzzles. As a member of the Alumni Council, Scott wants to find ways to support the student community as we weather this pandemic together.

  • Past Alumni Council Members

Althea Tan

Class of 2017, Elm College

Chia Teck Yuke

Class of 2017, Elm College

Joyan Tan

Class of 2017, Saga College

Kei Franklin

Class of 2017, Cendana College

Angela Ferguson

Class of 2018, Elm College

Sarah Novak

Class of 2018, Cendana College

Saza Faradilla

Class of 2018, Cendana College

Tan Heng Yeng

Class of 2018, Elm College

Update: 01 July 2020