Meet the Yale-NUS Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is an elected, voluntary group of representatives of the Yale-NUS alumni community. The Council spearheads alumni engagement and supports the College’s mission of a lifelong community of learning.

Althea Tan

Class of 2017, Elm College

Althea, who was a Literature major at Yale-NUS College, was motivated to join the Alumni Council because she was part of the Alumni Affairs Student Advisory Council back in her senior year and hopes that alumni can continue to feel connected to the institution and to each other. She currently dedicates whatever little spare time she has to being a farmer in Stardew Valley.

email: altheaemmatan [at]

Chia Teck Yuke

Class of 2017, Elm College

Teck Yuke is an Associate Consultant at Bain & Co. At Yale-NUS, he majored in Economics and was active in the basketball and volleyball teams, as well as the now-defunct YIRPA. He is a new dad and hopes to be a good one.

email: teckyuke.chia [at]

Joyan Tan

Class of 2017, Saga College

Joyan graduated in 2017 as a History major, with a focus on religious history. She spent a semester abroad at Tel Aviv University (Israel), and was involved in The Octant, Shiok Shack, and Artslab during her time at Yale-NUS. She currently teaches History at River Valley High School. While Joyan has quit Facebook since leaving Yale-NUS, she is easily contactable over email/ Messenger/ Whatsapp/ Telegram.

email: joyantanzy [at]

Kei Franklin

Class of 2017, Cendana College

Kei believes strongly in the power of creativity, community, and engagement with diversity to challenge cultural narratives and enact positive social change. At Yale-NUS she majored in Environmental Studies, with an (almost) minor in Anthropology. Kei now works at Skillseed, where she crafts and curates socially-impactful experiential learning journeys and conducts trainings in social-emotional skills, intercultural competencies, and social innovation frameworks. She is a facilitator at Climate Conversations and an editor, writer, and performance-maker with Brack – a platform for socially-engaged art in Southeast Asia.

email: kei.franklin [at]

Angela Ferguson

Class of 2018, Elm College

Angela grew up in the USA and is now a research analyst in Singapore with Marsh & McLennan Insights, where she advises societies, governments, and industries on building resilience in the face of key contemporary risks. Having majored in Urban Studies, Angela believes in the importance of engaged citizenship and the need to build a more just, caring, and environmentally sustainable world. She is a facilitator with Climate Conversations, and through her involvement with the Alumni Council, she hopes to help lend alumni voices to the issues that matter at Yale-NUS.

email: Angela.ferguson [at]

Sarah Novak

Class of 2018, Cendana College

Sarah is a New Zealander and a member of Yale-NUS College’s Class of 2018. At Yale-NUS, she studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics with a minor in Environmental Studies. Sarah is now completing her Master’s in Environmental Change and Management at Oxford. At Yale-NUS, she was involved with the Yale-NUS Cycling Club, Student Government, and Fox & Hedgehog, a student magazine. Sarah is passionate about public policy and environmental management, and has worked with the Centre for Public Impact and New Zealand Parliament.

email: sarahnovak8 [at]

Saza Faradilla

Class of 2018, Cendana College

Saza is an Anthropology major from the Class of 2018. She greatly enjoyed her time at Yale-NUS, and it really helped to shape her to who she is today, which is why she chooses to be on the Alumni committee. She is now a Senior Executive for service learning at Republic Polytechnic, where she aims to infuse her work with social discourses such as race, religion, class, nationalism and so on.

email: sazazaini [at]

Tan Heng Yeng

Class of 2018, Elm College

Heng Yeng was a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major with a focus on social philosophy and ethics. She is trying to keep on believing that there is some difference an individual can make towards a better (read: more just, more empathetic, more inclusive, less violent) world with her work in access and inclusion in the arts at the National Gallery Singapore. Through her involvement in the Alumni Council, she hopes to create sustainable opportunities for alumni to keep supporting the Yale-NUS community, while somehow ensuring that it does not spiral into an elitist network perpetuating inequitable concentrations of privilege. In post-graduation life she has discovered the delights of homemade beetroot pasta, leisure reading on one’s commute, and taking weekend naps.

email: hengyengtan [at]

Update: 28 May 2019