Michael James Anthony

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences

Class of 2017, Singapore
Foreign Service Officer at Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Singapore

Michael James Anthony joined Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) after graduating, and is now a Country Officer at MFA’s Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific (ANZP) Directorate.

The Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences (MCS) major has a keen interest in political philosophy and minored in Philosophy while in college. Since his third year in college, he had been eyeing a career in the foreign service. In his final year, he looked up MFA’s website and applied to join the ministry. As part of the application process, he went through a round of basic assessments, a second round of full-day assessment, and finally a face-to-face interview session.

Michael enjoys the challenges that his job brings as he finds the subject matter compelling and he has learnt a lot in terms of both content and hands-on experience. Michael feels that his college education has helped him greatly in his work as he has had numerous opportunities to practise and sharpen his analytical, writing and presentation skills. In addition, the knowledge he gained from classes in political philosophy and history has come in useful when he needs to analyse geopolitical developments, by way of providing the relevant contexts and backgrounds.

Michael had also received a post-graduate offer to study Mathematics in the UK, and he was faced with the decision to choose between graduate studies and a career at MFA. Ultimately, Michael decided to give up the post-graduate offer and chose a career with MFA.

“In addition to mastering content, my time at Yale-NUS had given me numerous opportunities to practise and sharpen my analytical, writing and presentation skills, including through seminar discussions, class presentations, problem sets and essays. Yale-NUS’ Centre for International & Professional Experience was also very helpful and encouraging as they organised a general practice interview to help me prepare for my job interview.”