Joyan Tan

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History

Class of 2017, Singapore
Pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Education at National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore 

Joyan Tan is pursuing a postgraduate diploma in education at Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE). A MOE scholarship recipient, she taught at a local secondary school for a short stint to gain more experience before she started classes at NIE in December 2017.

Joyan was part of the team that set up Yale-NUS College’s student newspaper, The Octant. At Yale-NUS, she was able to pursue her academic interest in religious history, particularly on Christianity and Judaism. She studied for a semester at Tel Aviv University where she learned about Jewish history and the history of Israel. During her time in college, she picked up Modern Hebrew and also self-studied Biblical Hebrew to continue pursuing her interest in Jewish and Christian history. Joyan’s capstone was a culmination of much of the work and knowledge she had gained over her college years, which she has deemed as transformative in her life.

Joyan found that her own education in Yale-NUS has given her a different perspective on education and history. The flexibility of a liberal arts curriculum meant that she was able to pursue her interests and enjoy learning to an extent she had never experienced before. This has motivated her to find ways and means to bring that joy of learning to her students in the future. Joyan hopes to impart in her future students skills such as critical thinking, historical evaluation and source-analysis that they will find useful throughout the rest of their lives.

“The best thing I think Yale-NUS has done for me is to expose me to a wide variety of experiences, and taught me to focus on doing what I enjoy as well as I can, rather than let myself be caught up in a rat race of grades—an attitude I hope I can bring to my school and students in future.”