Clarissa Leong

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Urban Studies

Class of 2017, Singapore
Pursuing a Master in Public Administration at Columbia University, New York

Clarissa Leong is pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration at Columbia University in New York. An Urban Studies major and a recipient of the Singapore Government Scholarship (Open) from the Public Service Commission, Clarissa hopes to enact positive change through policymaking. She chose to pursue a graduate degree in public administration with the aim of deepening her understanding of policymaking and evaluation to contribute to the future growth and development of Singapore.

“I remember Yale-NUS most fondly for the tight friendships forged and the space for immense questioning, learning and growing. I cherish the conversations on identity, education, family, religion, you name it, at any time of the day and discussions with the administration on important topics such as community building and school identity. At a different institution now, I am only starting to realise how precious and rare those moments were. They taught me how to question, articulate my ideas and to push boundaries. Taking these valuable lessons with me, I hope to further my critical understanding of the world, its institutions and tools of assessment to work on more equitable growth in Singapore.”