Adrian Stymne

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology

Class of 2017, Singapore
Policy Researcher at Stockholm Chamber of Commerce 

Adrian Stymne joined the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in August 2017 as a policy researcher. He has written several reports, one of which made it to the front page of the largest Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Having taken courses broadly in psychology, economics, history and social science, Adrian searched for jobs where he could apply himself to solving social issues. Returning home to Stockholm, he was offered a position with the Chamber.

Adrian enjoys the challenge of researching and writing about the Stockholm area’s greatest challenges. He feels that the psychology research he conducted at Yale-NUS College prepared him well to analyse and understand complex data, and the creative writing courses he had taken helped him make the material more accessible to politicians and laymen. In addition, the Current Affairs course he took on Comparative Criminology helped him provide international comparisons in a report about crime in Stockholm’s suburbs.

In addition to his work at the Chamber, Adrian sits on the board of Swedish International Students & Alumni and works to encourage more young Swedes to study abroad. His Yale-NUS degree has shown him the value of an international outlook, and he believes Sweden will be a better place if more Swedish students join Yale-NUS College and other international schools.

“I am extremely grateful for the wide and deep education I received at Yale-NUS College. Not only do I feel that I now have the ability to quickly master new topics and delve deep into subjects I haven’t dealt with before, I also feel like I have the writing and presentation skills to communicate findings effectively. This combination of skills means I am able to make a strong impact at my workplace and, more importantly, a difference in Swedish society.”