Yip Jia Qi

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physical Sciences

Class of 2020, Singapore
Analyst at Public Service Division

Yip Jia Qi works as an analyst in Singapore’s Public Sector Division. He is responsible for reviewing policies pertaining to compensation and organisational design, while monitoring labour market trends and understanding the needs and challenges of agencies across the Civil Service. He is also working on applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to problems in organisational design in his free time.

While at Yale-NUS, Jia Qi split his time between physical sciences and his minor in philosophy. He discovered his passion for philosophy while taking the Yale-NUS Common Curriculum and continued his studies in philosophy throughout his four years at the College.

“Although my role in compensation is highly data driven, I find that crafting good HR policy is also an incredibly human endeavour. My interdisciplinary background was quite uniquely suited to this role. In fact, I can’t imagine myself being able to do this job without the combination of experiences I’ve had at Yale-NUS.”