Teo Xiao Ting

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Arts and Humanities

Class of 2018, Singapore
Embarking on a 40-day art residency under the Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts

Teo Xiao Ting is embarking on a 40-day art residency in Virginia, under the Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts from August to October 2018. Writing is something close to Xiao Ting’s heart and she hopes to use it to help others in her future career. She hopes to finish her first poetry manuscript and expand on her writing practice to more diverse forms of writing, such as critical writing.

Xiao Ting is also currently doing freelance work for iMMERSiVELY, a virtual and augmented reality start-up, as a facilitator and events assistant. She hopes to use her skills developed at the arts residency to explore the field of art therapy thereafter.

Initially a Psychology major, Xiao Ting switched to Arts and Humanities in her final year, to explore writing more in-depth. In 2017, she won the Golden Point Award for English Poetry, for a compilation of  five poems she had written. The poems  integrated what she had learnt in psychology with the beauty of the written language that she had grown to appreciate as an Arts and Humanities major.

The different courses that the A&H major offers allowed me to look at art in a way that is not rooted in conventional categories. Through courses like Drawing Process, I was able to explore a different mode of making, which has also since fed into the way I write. Due to the different mediums that I was exposed to as part of the A&H curriculum, I was able to synthesise the different threads of both psychology and the arts, and to see how the two intersect.”