Pratyush More

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences

Class of 2018, India
Software Engineer at Google

Pratyush More is a software engineer at Google, presently based in Munich, Germany. As a developer of Google’s Identity Platform, Pratyush builds systems that enable billions of people to securely and privately access their Google accounts.

In addition to providing a solid technical foundation for his work, Pratyush feels that his education at Yale-NUS has also helped him develop strong written and verbal communications skills. He notes that such skills are important for a software engineer as his projects at work involve not just multiple people, but multiple teams, and the ability to clearly explain, document and present his work is an invaluable skill.

“One of my favourite learnings while at Yale-NUS is the following: ‘Very often, we are so occupied with finding the right answers, that we forget to ask the right questions.’ This guides me incredibly in my work. Since I’m tasked with using technology to impact people’s lives, it’s not enough just to be able to solve a technical problem. It’s equally important to ask why we are solving that problem in the first place.”