Ong Chee Yeow

Yale-NUS College Bachelor of Arts with Honours and NUS Faculty of Law Bachelor of Laws with Honours

Class of 2018, Singapore
Pursuing a training contract with Drew & Napier LLP law firm

Ong Chee Yeow is fulfilling a training contract with law firm Drew & Napier LLP as a prerequisite for taking the Singapore bar examinations before he can practise law.

As a member of the inaugural batch of DDP students, Chee Yeow’s law experience has been influenced by his time in Yale-NUS. Academically, his liberal arts education allowed him to better understand the institutions that surround the law, which gives the law meaning. His various interdisciplinary experiences at the College s also enriched his law education.

At school, Chee Yeow participated in multiple moot competitions, including the 2018 Jessup Moot Competition, which is widely regarded as the most prestigious international mooting competition in the world. He has also previously emerged champion in the 2016 IASLA Space Law Moot Court Competition and 2016 Asia Cup Moot Court Competition.

The law is not a discipline unto itself – it exists to regulate and govern activities and relationships in other spheres of society, be it commerce, families, international relations, etc. My liberal arts education at Yale-NUS allowed me to learn more about the world in which the law is situated, which in turn gave me a better appreciation of how the law develops, and how it can be improved.”