Neo Xiaoyun

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Environmental Studies

Class of 2019, Singapore
Deputy Manager (International Relations) at Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Neo Xiaoyun works in the International Relations division of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). In her role, she helps to advance and maintain positive and constructive bilateral and multilateral relations for the greater goal of protecting Singapore’s strategic aviation interests, and promoting a safe and efficient international civil aviation system. As the officer handling the Federal Aviation Administration and International Organisations portfolios, her day-to-day work involves thinking and planning mid- and long-term strategies for enhancing and deepening the collaborations between CAAS and their organisations.

Xiaoyun majored in Environmental Studies and minored in History at Yale-NUS. While these majors might not appear directly applicable to her current job, she noted that the broad-based, globally-oriented liberal arts and science education offered by Yale-NUS has equipped her with skills in interdisciplinary thinking, critical analysis and writing. According to Xiaoyun, these skills are very helpful in her daily tasks, which involve reading past concept papers and MOUs to understand the various existing collaborations, and evaluating and tracking the progress of these projects, which can be quite steeped in the technical language of safety regulation, data analytics and air traffic management.

“Academics aside, my active involvement in a plethora of extra-curricular activities over four years in Yale-NUS, such as tchoukball, bhangra, road relay, floorball and the Yale-NUS Sustainability Movement (or I’dECO), has definitely honed soft skills which are also crucial in my job. Qualities such as intercultural understanding and communication, decision-making, problem-solving and time-management are all important and relevant to my current work.”