Michael Laughlin Smith

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Philosophy

Class of 2020, USA
Juris Doctor Candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School

Michael Smith is a Juris Doctor (JD) candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School. His decision to pursue law stems from his concern over the ecological crisis that the world is facing.

Having studied philosophy at Yale-NUS, Michael found that this has equipped him with the skills to parse difficult texts, break down and diagram arguments and do close reading. These came in handy when he did the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and have him well placed for his postgraduate degree.

“In a time of world-historic crisis, we need to act. Given my skills and my training in philosophy, I’ll best be able to act if I study law. Studying law can translate into work doing advocacy, community organising, public policy or politics, all of which are sorely necessary if we are to endure what’s coming.”