Martin Vasev

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Class of 2018, Bulgaria
Consultant with global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman

While varied experiential learning opportunities contributed to Martin Vasev’s experience at Yale-NUS College, it was his academic experience that led him to pursue a career in consultancy. Martin believes that the consulting field requires critical thinking, quick and methodological analysis of information and numbers, as well as concise and structured thinking. These skills were emphasised in many of the classes he took at Yale-NUS and he hopes to apply them to his new role.

Martin is excited about the similarities between working in consulting and the liberal arts education model – the exposure to different industries, the team-based nature of the work and the mentorship system with the senior consultants – all of which he finds are similar to the multidisciplinary, collaborative and supportive spirit he enjoyed at Yale-NUS College.

The events in the business world can rarely be understood by looking at them from only one perspective. As the problems we deal with are becoming increasingly complicated and interconnected, our solutions and education also need to keep up with this trend.”