Louis Ngia Jin Liang

Yale-NUS College Bachelor of Arts with Honours and NUS Faculty of Law Bachelor of Laws with Honours

Class of 2020, Singapore
Joining the Attorney-General’s Chambers as a Deputy Public Prosecutor

Louis Ngia will be joining the Attorney-General’s Chambers of Singapore as a Deputy Public Prosecutor after graduating from Yale-NUS College.

During his time at Yale-NUS, Louis grew to appreciate the value of its diverse student population. He recalled fondly how he used to live with a life-science researcher, an ardent Nietzschean philosopher, an archaeologist, and a computer scientist over the course of five years at College. Their incredible passion about their fields inspired him and challenged him to be more empathetic in his speech and thoughts.

On the Double Degree Programme (DDP) in Law and Liberal Arts, Louis noted that the experience has been valuable and has given him exposure to as many fields of knowledge as possible.

“The diverse exposure on campus forced me to ask myself if I have thought about a particular matter from a different context. I find this empathy and flexibility in thinking will set Yale-NUS DDP students up well for a future in the legal field.”