Lim Chu Hsien

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Life Sciences

Class of 2018, Singapore
Enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) programme at Duke-NUS Medical School

Lim Chu Hsien is enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) programme at Duke-NUS Medical School. Before she decided on pursuing medicine, Chu Hsien found that she enjoyed having no concrete plans within the first two years at Yale-NUS College. Eventually, she realised that her primary interest was in having a genuine interaction with people and making meaning in the work she does. Coupled with her longstanding interest in science, she was motivated to pursue medicine and registered for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

Chu Hsien has found that Yale-NUS offered her an unparalleled exposure to research, with the opportunity to collaborate with faculty members and access to state-of-the-art research resources. Yale-NUS’s immersive and rigorous research experience has helped to sharpen her scientific reasoning skills, coupled with a multidisciplinary approach of looking at an issue. Chu Hsien believes such an approach will help her better grasp and take on the complexities in medicine and healthcare.

My experiences from Yale-NUS College’s experiential learning programmes  (e.g. Learning Across Boundaries, Week 7 and semester abroad) have instilled within me the sensitivity to cultural nuances, and will continue motivating me to appreciate health as a dynamic interplay of biological, mental and social wellness that takes on different meanings across cultures. This helps to heighten my empathy towards others.”