Ernest Tan

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Urban Studies

Class of 2019, Singapore
Management Associate at Ascendas-Singbridge

In February 2019, Ernest Tan received the inaugural Bartell Prize for his capstone research on sand mining, awarded at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies’ Human Development Conference (HDC). Ernest developed an interest in the issue of sand mining while he was on semester abroad in Kenya, where he realised that sand mining is a complex urbanisation and poverty-related issue that has been relatively under-researched.

Ernest’s research is a product of the strong theoretical foundation he has picked up through the Urban Studies curriculum, as well as through the broad-based liberal-arts education he has received at Yale-NUS. Outside the classroom, Ernest is also grateful for the support he has received through the Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE), where career advisors have helped him and his classmates obtain experiences in urban policy research, planning consultancy, and cross-cultural fieldwork. These experiences have equipped him well to reflect critically on the challenges of urbanisation through a range of skillsets and perspectives.

Building on these diverse experiences, Ernest continues to pursue his interest in urban development by joining the Management Associate Programme at Ascendas-Singbridge. The programme will grant him exposure to the company’s various functions, from property management to business development and investments. This will give him a broad-based perspective of the real-estate industry, equipping him to contribute to the company’s vision of creating sustainable townships, industrial parks and commercial space solutions. Through this work, Ernest hopes to actualise his interests in creating sustainable urban development that benefits local communities.

Ernest is also one of the joint recipients for the Prize for Outstanding Capstone Project in Urban Studies for 2019.

“The Urban Studies programme has trained me to be able to understand a place using a variety of methods. Being able to piece different types of information together was very helpful when doing fieldwork. I am excited to begin work and intend to pursue a career creating truly sustainable urban development that benefits local communities.”