Dynn Othman

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Arts and Humanities

Class of 2018, Singapore
Film and Television Producer at Infinite Studios

Dynn Othman joined Infinite Studios, one of the biggest film and television production houses in Singapore and Southeast Asia, right after graduation. He manages the company’s creative assets, collaborating closely with writers, directors and actors to produce high-quality content for theatrical release and for programming on subscription-based video-on-demand platforms.

Dynn’s love for filmmaking began during his time in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film Studies. He carried this passion over to Yale-NUS, jumpstarting the school’s filmmaking culture during his time as President of Yale-NUS Filmmakers Society. With the help of equally passionate peers, he created the first film to be submitted as a capstone project under Yale-NUS’ Arts & Humanities major.

Dynn’s filmmaking ethos is heavily influenced by experiences he gained in Yale-NUS. He studied documentary filmmaking in Cuba on an arts scholarship from the College. Throughout his time in college, Dynn worked as a freelancer on various film and television production. During his last summer in college, he worked alongside costume designer Mary Vogt in the costume department of the film ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. Dynn hopes to see the filmmaking circle that he and his peers sparked in Yale-NUS continue to grow over the coming years.

“The philosophy, literature, sociology and political science classes helped broaden my understanding of humanity, while visual art and theatre classes in the Arts and Humanities major provided me with interesting techniques I could apply and integrate into my personal filmmaking process. I was free to experiment, fail and succeed on my own terms.”