Cora Ceipek

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Arts and Humanities

Class of 2019, Austria and the United States
Associate Product Manager at Visa, Inc. (San Francisco)

Cora Ceipek is an Associate Product Manager at Visa in San Francisco. In this role, she is part of a rotational programme in which she works with different teams to gain experience working on a variety of products at the company. Prior to working at Visa, Cora interned at various companies and organisations. The summer before her sophomore year, she interned at She’s the First, a non-profit organisation that uses education to combat gender inequality. This stint, coupled with working as a Student Associate for the Yale-NUS College Admissions & Financial Aid office, piqued her interest in marketing. She also held marketing internships at several multinational companies including a legal research company and a software reseller. These internships helped her hone her creativity and analytical skills as she gained experience in data analysis, marketing strategy, and social media marketing.

“Chat with as many people as you can about the nature of the work you’re going into, and try different kinds of opportunities to see what you enjoy. Don’t hesitate to engage with an advisor from the Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) or other mentor figure with any guidance you need along the way.”