Christopher Khew

Yale-NUS College Bachelor of Arts with Honours and NUS Faculty of Law Bachelor of Laws with Honours

Class of 2018, Singapore
Pursuing a training contract with Lee & Lee law firm

Christopher Khew is pursuing a training contract with Lee & Lee law firm. He hopes to practise law after taking the Singapore bar examinations.

After spending summer in Beijing for a Chinese language programme in his sophomore year, Christopher found that his experience “shattered many preconceived notions” that he had about China as a country and led him to read up more on China’s history, including Confucianism. The DDP student decided to write his capstone on a topic that married both his degrees – by examining the relationship between Confucianism and democracy. Christopher argued in his paper that Confucian ethics can be compatible with the idea of participatory democracy.

Having studied at both Yale-NUS and NUS Law, Christopher feels that the exposure to different ideas and ways of thinking outside the law makes one more adaptable and able to see things from different perspectives.

The different ideas and ways of thinking opens up your mind and makes it easier to draw connections between what you learn in law school, and other ideas that you encounter outside of it.”