Angela Ferguson

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Urban Studies

Class of 2018, USA
Research analyst at Marsh & McLennan Insights

As a research analyst at Marsh & McLennan Insights, Angela Ferguson will advise societies, governments, and industries on building resilience in the face of key regional risks. She will focus on a diverse range of contemporary issues including energy, societal ageing, infrastructure, technology, and cyber security.

Having majored in Urban Studies, Angela hopes to apply her knowledge and skills toward advancing sustainable development and making communities more liveable. She has worked in education, policy, social entrepreneurship, and journalism – with each of these experiences underscoring the need for holistic flourishing that balances environmental, social, and economic needs.

Angela’s year-long internship with the U.S. Department of State, Office of Global Women’s Issues highlighted how the gendered impacts of climate change relate to economic underdevelopment and political instability. Additionally, Angela’s work with the Brunswick Group, Interface Asia, and Krakakoa Chocolate drew her attention to the role that businesses, both large and small, can play in sustainable development.

In 2015, Angela won the International New York Times Writing Competition for her reflections on global education. She currently serves as an elected member of the Yale-NUS College Alumni Council.

“I’m grateful for what I’ve learned not only in the liberal arts classroom at Yale-NUS, but also through peer learning initiatives like Intergroup Dialogue, the Women’s Dialogues, and the Leadership Certificate. The past four years have taught me that big questions and open-minded inquiry allow a community to dig deeper and see different dimensions to an issue.”