Amelia Chew

Yale-NUS College Bachelor of Arts with Honours and NUS Faculty of Law Bachelor of Laws with Honours

Class of 2018, Singapore
Works in sales and marketing at legal tech firm Luminance

Amelia Chew has taken on a sales and marketing role at Luminance, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for the legal profession. Her foray into legal technology was borne out of frustration at the common narrative that robots will take over the jobs of lawyers as well as curiosity about how technology can be harnessed to make the provision of legal services more efficient and accessible. Amelia is excited to be in a role where she can help to shape the narrative that technology is a tool that lawyers can and should leverage on to make their work easier and serve their clients better.

As a member of the inaugural batch of DDP students, Amelia was encouraged to pursue the different learning opportunities her five years of education exposed her to.  She was inspired to look for work at the intersection of different disciplines (e.g. law and technology) and took up a variety of internships, which helped her gain a better understanding of both her interests and strengths.

“My interactions with my peers from different disciplines in Yale-NUS (who constantly amaze me with the exciting things that they’re working on) also opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I could do with both a Law degree and a Liberal Arts degree. I discovered that I was keen on exploring the intersection between law and technology instead of taking the conventional law firm route.”