Adila Sayyed

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in History

Class of 2019, Bangladesh
Co-founder of VERE360

Adila Sayyed is a graduate of Yale-NUS’ Leadership Certificate Programme, a multi-year programme designed to support student leaders to drive social change. Her leadership journey started with her internship in an educational start-up in the Philippines during the summer of her first year and co-leading KidsAccomplish, an enrichment programme run by Yale-NUS students for students aged eight to 12. In 2017, she became a UN Sustainable Development Goal talent for Goal 4 (Quality Education). As a result of this involvement, Adila co-founded VERE360, an education start-up using immersive technology to educate people on social issues.

“Through my experiences in student organisations and summer opportunities, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in something innovative and impactful. I started considering launching a start-up that could value add to education with an immersive technology like virtual reality. Today the start-up is already one year old and has helped multiple educational organisations value-add their curricula with virtual reality in Singapore and Indonesia.”